jeff-lague-editor-producer-headshotI am an experienced “Preditor” with over 10 years of experience as a Producer and Editor in Broadcast Media. I bring the creativity and attention to detail of an editor and combine it with the people skills and project management expertise of a Producer. I am always looking for different ways to solve a problem.

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I create winning advertising campaigns with very strong messages that look like they were produced with much higher budgets. I am comfortable pitching clients, negotiating with production teams and being a creative editor.

I am an Avid Editor and although the AVID is my preferred editing tool, its just a tool and I am experienced using other editing tools such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. I am a visual storyteller and have the ability tell a story using the best tool for the job. I have a strong knowledge of digital work flows and codecs that is essential to the modern editor.

jeff-lague-commercial-producer-alfonso-tonyI’m a team player with a flexible attitude. I’m motivated and able to work independenty with minimal direction. I have a positive work ethic and the ability to work under time specific deadlines.

Specialties: AVID, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, TV Commercials, Documentary Production, Web Video Content, Aerial Photography, Drone Pilot

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