Radio Controlled Drone with Camera

Radio Controlled Drone with Camera

Some people call it a drone, other people call it a multirotor…but everyone calls it cool. I am a drone pilot, aerial photography consultant and aerial video editing specialist. There is no denying the amazing point of view that a camera attached to a helicopter gives you. The only problem is that a big helicopter costs a lot of money and can be difficult to coordinate.

Using the latest in radio control technology we can capture breath taking images from the sky using less expensive lighter weight multirotor aircraft.

arri-alexa-production-rooftop-commercialRecently while working as the Agency Producer for Walker Advertising on the 3oth Anniversary Campaign for Los Defensores I hired Skyecam to get some great aerial shots that really helped the brand show strength with a very powerful rooftop shot for the call to action. As you can see in the commercial below we got a great aerial shot of all the attorney’s on the rooftop in front the the Los Defensores Helicopter.

Skyecam does some really amazing work. Check out their reel of some really great footage.

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